Dear Arewa Girl


We are constantly pressured as young women to get married because ‘time is running out!” we also inflict self-pressure on ourselves because we feel like oh if we don’t get married at a certain age we have failed as women, or we start to feel oh who is going to marry me at so so age.

In our society now, men constantly say they support us but yet won’t marry a girl with a degree or masters because “your eyes have opened too much” my question is why do you need my eyes closed? Is it because the younger you believe me to be, the easier I am to manipulate and control?
Our obsession with the idea of marriage rather than its reality is part of the reason why divorces are so high nowadays. Every day there’s a new blogger in town with a new monopoly to navigate relationships yet we keep going in a circle of doom. Marriage is Sunnah but holding your marriage is A MUST! In Islam. (upholding your vows)

Have you ever thought of this question? what if I never get married? then what! What’s the plan aside from marriage?

Dear arewa girl! I know the pressure is real! but remember Allah doesn’t give you what you can’t bare. And it will never be your turn unless Allah says so!

Dear arewa girl, understand you are enough, and just because it is not your time doesn’t mean you are lacking or there’s anything wrong with you. Know that you are more than just a MRS. Being a MRS is amazing, having your halal is wonderful but you are so much more than that. You are a way to Jannah for your father, a sister to another woman, a balance in the world.

Dear arewa girl, You are nurture, guidance and one who imbues principles and faith into the souls of the nation. There’s so much more to you than you know, live, go out with your friends, have fun, and pray to Allah.

Dear arewa girl, marry a man of spirituality not religion, because his spirituality makes him fear Allah, not the religion. A lot of people pray day and night but they are not with Allah. Be spiritually guided towards Allah.

Dear arewa girl, I’m not married doesn’t mean I’m useless or I am unworthy or Allah has forgotten about me.

Dear arewa girl, wait for your time, wait with grace, sabr and tawakkal …… it is coming so be patient and even if it doesn’t come, there’s nothing wrong with you. After all, my dearest arewa girl the tawakkul in your heart will be the reason why you always shine.

No one can give, and no one can take without the permission of Allah!

I promise you no one can make you feel bad for not being married.

(PS: this isn’t a post for just arewa, this is for every girl that needs it)

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