Post-period self (yoni) care


In my own life, I have only met one girl who loves getting her period. So I am not the girly girly but I am learning. And in this journey of being my most feminine self, I have learnt that the period might be a pain in my behind (no pun intended) but looking forward to the post-care can make the journey of those insufferable few days a little less dreadful. Basically a light at the tunnel. mostly in our respective homes, you need to be married to be taking care of yourself down there but this generation we say no more, with or without a man that self-care and love must happen.

Here are a few ways you can do a little self-care after your get your body and mind right for the ovulation phase.

Step 1

Do a wipe check to make sure you are truly done. Using a cotton pad or a tissue will do.

Step 2

Prep a cup of clove tea or the doum plant (aka goruba) tea and sip all day. In fact, if you want to be all extra drink this for 3 days. Both teas have been schematically proven to aid women in both health and sexual wellness.

Cloves also increase blood circulation. And when you increase blood flow to the site of pain, that helps relieve the tension and tightness in that area.

Doum plant (goruba) has strong antibacterial properties – stabilizes the intestinal bacterial balance, improves the intestinal work, digestive and facilitates gas elimination from the intestine. Doum stabilizes blood pressure and is recommended in patients with unstable blood pressure.

Step 3

Do a sit bath of warm water and qasil powder (sit for 15 or more) sis now when I tell you this is so relaxing! Qasil is not only antibacterial but also high in antioxidants and vitamin C which helps protect the skin from the harm caused by free radicals. The super green powder is loaded with skin-loving minerals, Phyto-greens, and antioxidants.

Better yet treat your yoni with some extra loving by getting the yoni herbs from (MANZIL) something about the yoni herb, I don’t know if it’s the rose petals or the soothing lavender but it just feels like you are giving yourself a much-needed treat.

Step 4

Shave/wax or trim down if you need to, and apply a Yoni scrub. follow it up with a yoni oil to soothe the area.

Step not 5

Now this isn’t a step but I will add it in there and that is the dukhan (Arabic name of vaginal steaming) now I know what you are thinking (it’s JUST LIKE STEP 3) NO! it’s not. Step 3 is basically giving Yoni a facelift/relaxation from the trauma she went through. Yes, we are dramatic here!

What is dukhan: (incense-laced smoke) used to detoxify and smooth the skin, and narrowing of the vagina in women. now a lot of people have complained about having an infection after this. if you are a sensitive woman down please don’t do this. Dukhan has been used for hundreds of years by northern women to tighten up. (USE ACCORDINGLY)

Now for me, I make this a full-on spa day where I do a simple DIY face mask or use a scrub from Skinbyberyl.


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