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Soft Dinner Rolls
Food & Recipies

Dinner Rolls Recipe

Dinner rolls are small, round, and often slightly sweet bread rolls that are typically served with dinner. They are a staple of many cuisines and are often found on the dinner table at restaurants, dinner parties, and family gatherings.

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Dear Arewa Girl

We are constantly pressured as young women to get married because ‘time is running out!” we
also inflict self-pressure on ourselves because we feel like oh if we don’t get married at a certain
age we have failed as women, or we start to feel oh who is going to marry me at so so age.

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Post-period self (yoni) care

In my own life, I have only met one girl who loves getting her period. So I am not the girly girly but I am learning. And in this journey of being my most feminine self, I have learnt that the period might be a pain in my behind (no pun intended) but looking forward to the post-care can make the journey of those insufferable few days a little less dreadful. Basically a light at the tunnel. mostly in our respective homes, you need to be married to be taking care of yourself down there but this generation we say no more, with or without a man that self-care and love must happen.

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